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Katy Perry and Demi Lovato are to be thanked for my life. I owe them everything. Oh and I write fanfics. Click on the links to read!
Anonymous said: Ma Homie almost cried with just chapter it was so sad😔😢 but good at the same time 🙌👌🙌💯😎

Thank you!!!;) and btw my computer broke on the trip to California so I can’t write anything until at least the 29th when I go back home :(:( so sorry guys

Anonymous said: Have you ever farted in public and got away with it?

Oh honey I am the master at that! Sometimes I don’t even bother to cover it up haha but that’s only when I’m with friends ;)

Chapter sixteen of Family Isn’t Always Blood-A Katy Perry fanfic


***Katy’s POV***

The rest of the day is spent talking with Michael and Jordan -my new bodyguards, telling them things about myself so that they get a clearer idea of how I might react if something were to happen, and them telling me things about themselves, like what their strategics usually are when it comes to protect someone, and I try to make it as clear as possible, that they are here only for Lizzie, she’s the one they should save if something was to happen.

At around six, a police man called Kennedy stops by, making sure that Lizzie and I are okay, and he’s pleased to hear about Michael and Jordan, and they talk for a good time about the case and then shake hands, promising to work together on this -all the three men want nonetheless is the same, they all want Garret Basterfield locked up again with no harm caused.

I grudgingly let Michael and Jordan instal new security in my house and I clear a room in the basement for them to sleep in, work in, whatever they want to. They rig three cameras to the house, one downstairs with a view of the kitchen, the front hall and a little of the living-room, another one in the back of the house near the door to the yard, and a third one upstairs. They set up monitors with a live feed of the cameras in their room, and after that, they install a camera with a movement detector, which will only let something as small as a cat go undetected, and it’ll go on automatically when I lock the door. They’re pretty happy with the security I already have, so they scratch the installation of sound detectors.

I’ve been hanging out with Lizzie during that time, and she’s cutely unaware of everything, and having a good day overall. Which makes me feel slightly worse for not telling her and for basically having to protect her against some psycho this way. We watch a movie and order pizza, and I decide to, for once, be a good parent and put her to bed early. I’m not feeling this day anyways.

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Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival (DAY 3) 


100% down with katy perry’s green hair


u know ur a stupid crazy fan when u buy 5 different types of the same record


do u ever love a celebrity so much it makes you sad

sometimes I get so angry with certain KatyCats… Like it’s great that you are here and support Katy and whatever but stop. treating. other. KatyCats. like. shit. yes, they haven’t met her a trillion times like you and yes they aren’t as invested in things as you are but COME ON why is everyone so angry about this M&G thing ?? Take me for an example. ok i haven’t whined about mgs but I’ve saved for fucking 5 years for a M&G cause it is my ONLY chance of ever thanking Katy since I don’t live in a place where I can just go and meet Katy whenever she’s around like some of you can… so what is the big deal this fanbase is so pathetic sometimes I’m sorry if i offend you but if Katy can tweet things that are annoying and 1000% true then so can I. thnx bye

Anonymous said: Ma Homie don't let stupid people pressure u when writing ur amazing Fics stay💯!!!!!!!! 🙌👌🔥😎

Awe thanks so much ma Homieeee I won’t! :D I wish I could write a chapter every night so everyone would be happy but yanno it takes years for writers to write books…;)

Anonymous said: When are we getting a new chapter???😔

My computer sucks so it looks like that emoij is like angry and done and shit but I hope it isn’t cause well you know I’m writing all of those fics for free right? I appreciate you reading them seriously I do but please don’t pressure me like thaat ughh everyone does that and I just can’t


perfect omg

This was the most perfect hair too though you can’t argue with me *.*


me in 20 years

Anonymous said: Please update soon I'm dying!

I’m gonna as soon as I get the packing done!!! :D